Aider New Version of Foot Drop Brace just arrives !!

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AiderAider just released a new version of foot drop brace. 

I've received from so many global customers that they're really excited to buy a new version of foot drop brace.
Once these new items were released, many customers directly contacted me to ask how quickly they can receive them. 
If you order it through Shopify, you can get it within a week regardless of where you're now. 
We can check what kinds of benefits this product has now. 

What makes Aider’s foot drop brace special?

foot drop brace

1. Convenient and intuitive design that can be worn with one hand.
Aider Foot Drop brace is designed to be easily worn with one hand even for those with poor unilateral side.

foot drop brace 2
2. Products that can be used both indoors and outdoors
It is a thin and light product that is not hard ankle orthosis such as plastic or metal commonly seen in the past. It is easy to wear and wear shoes, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
foot drop brace 2
3. Open heel design prevents slipping.
Open heel design is important for sensory input. Open heel design is designed not to interfere with the sensory input from the heel.
Aider drop foot brace 22

4. Aider’s unique fabric
Aider persists with the great and unique fabric for foot drop brace.

If you're still interest in this product, please see more details. 

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