AIDER Wrist Support Type 3 for Sports and Outdoor-Natural Pain Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, or Sprains – Lightweight and Comfortable – Suitable for Both Right and Left Hand…

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Aider Wrist Support Type 3 (Free Size)

Wrist Support for internal structure of your wrist.

Triple fixed way gives us not only supportive stay, also comfortable feeling.

Controllable pressure and Wide Strap applied

Aider strap is designed at an appropriate angle for carpal tunnel direction and reduces burden on your wrist with comfortable feeling.

Feel free to control the pressure force depending on your wrist status.

If pressure is focused only, you might feel easily tired due to wearing it long time.

It is designed to minimize tiredness in spite of wearing it long time thanks to wide strap that can make pressure dispersed comfortably.