Aider Heel Pad Type 1

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WHAT YOU NEED : if you are one of the many people who experience plantar fasciitis, arch pain, discomfort in your arch, then we have a great solution: cushion heel pad can help to relieve your pain.
PAIN RELIEF : Wearing the strap-on heel pad can help relieve pressure and pain in your arch parts, especially during your whole day. The heel pads are also great for plantar Fasciitis and rehab periods: You can also wear heel pads with socks or shoes.
LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN : The neoprene Heel pad is made with neoprene, a soft and breathable material that is comfortable to wear. Also, the Heel Pad is adjustable and fully customizable, so you can choose the pressure strength that your arch can handle.
COMFORTABLE WEAR: By being able to adjust the pressure strength, you can fully optimize heel pads for men and women to suit your needs. The neoprene material helps improving blood circulation, but also absorb perspiration for a dry and comfy sensation.