Aider Recovery Wrist Support Type 1 for Gamer or Mommy Tendonitis

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1. First Feature 

  • Far infrared: Effective heat appears for recovery.
  • Terry Fabric: By emitting far infrared rays that work with the first body temperature needed for recovery, It helps with physical activity and fast muscle recovery.

2. Second Feature

  • Wearing for 24 hours.

  • We used terry fabric for comfortable compression without seams so that it can be recovered well while sleeping.

3. Third Feature

  • Soft compression, steady fixation.
  • Wave pattern fabric sticks to the skin so that support can be fixed well.

Please measure wrist circumference

S - 13~15cm

M - 15~17cm

Customer Reviews

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This support has helped me recover from an ECU tendonitis where traditional splints had failed (being too compressive, they provoked other pains).
Note however that after recovery, ie after the disappearance of pain, the support must be removed and some gentle exercices (such as isometric loading) must be practiced to fully recover.