Aider Wrist Support Wrap Type 2

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THE SOLUTION IS HERE: Have you recently sprained your wrist? Are you suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome? Are you looking for some natural pain relief? Look no further than our amazing wrist brace!

✅INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The wrist wrap securely supports your wrist in the correct neutral position, stabilizing your wrist and helping reduce pressure, pain, and inflammation. Furthermore, the wrist wrap can help reduce recovery time and the risk of re-injury.

INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE: The wrist support brace is made of ultra-light breathable neoprene, and can be worn on both the left and right wrist. Furthermore, the wrist wrap features hand-pad cushion designed to absorb shocks, and keep you comfortable when you’re writing or working on your computer.

ULTRA-VERSATILE: The wrist wrap is easily adjustable, and is guaranteed to fit you perfectly, and not restrict your range of movement in the slightest. The wrist brace is also non-slip, so you can use it when you’re golfing, working out, or enjoying your favorite hobbies.