AIDER Skinpad Pisiform Wrist Support

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Aider launched new product.


✅ Protect Pisiform
This Wrist Support provides cushioning which helps prevent from forming calluses and absorb shocking so that Pisiform located under the palm cannot pressed.

✅ Protect TFCC
Hold the triangular fibrocartilage Complex (FTCC) located at the point from the little finger to the wrist and help you move more comfortably.

✅ Slim-Fit
4cm as simple as the wristwatch
When you hold the mouse, it only wraps the part where your wrist is bent so you don’t feel like a foreign body and minimize disturbance of your movement.

✅ Customized pad for any location
Portable Wrist Pad
Even if you don’t take a mouse pad to the public place like library and café, it can support your wrist, regardless where you are.

✅ Size(Check the attached picture for details)
Based on the actual measurement of the wrist circumference.
Please select a size after measuring your wrist circumference.
These products are divided into right and left.

Below 15cm - Size Small
16cm~20cm - Size Large

✅ How to wear the wrist support
1. Place the pisiform bone in the pisiform position.
2. Anchor Velcro on the wrist
3. Wrap over the outer wrist bone (ulnar head) with TFCC cushion.

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