AIDER Dropfoot Braces Type 3 - Foot stabilizer Worn with Shoes, Prevent Inversion of feet, Orthopedic Medical Equipment, Lightweight Material with adhensive Velcro, Improvement in gait

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✅AIDER DROPFOOT BRACE helps to raise either your barefoot or with sock and support your ankle strongly; It was developed by AIDER through above 10 times trial and provided 3 different types of dropfoot which can prevent inversion of feet and dorsiflexion.
✅EASY TO WEAR WITH ONE HAND - It can be worn with one hand comfortably and tightly; OPEN HEEL DESIGN doesn't disturb sensory from the heel.
✅ORTHOPEDIC DROP FOOT BRACES improve your gait to prevent inversion of feet
✅LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE MATERIALS make you feel very comfortable while wearing; Soft fabric doesn't cause any irritation to the skin helps foot's freedom of movement.