Wide & Soft Patella Strap Knee Braces Type 6

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✅WHAT YOU NEED: If you are one of the many people who experience constant pain, additional pressure, and discomfort in the knee and who love any kinds of exercise, then we have a great solution: the adjustable knee brace, a simple accessory that will truly make a difference.
✅PAIN RELIEF: It helps fast recovery for muscles and body activity for working with temperature and emitting far-infrared radiation. It provides decreased muscle fatigue and rapid recovery from the knee pain.
✅ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: This patella strap is fully adjustable with 5cm wide pad and provides perfect fit and outstanding support for your knee, right below your kneecap.
✅COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE FABRIC: Punch neoprene is superior to breathability and comfortable feeling for your knee. It doesn't irritate your skin thanks to the high quality fabric used in Aider patella strap knee support.